Instagram Head Says IT:  ‘Instagram is No Longer a Photo Sharing App’

Instagram Head Says IT: ‘Instagram is No Longer a Photo Sharing App’

Jul 02 ,2021 Abhishek-Kumar 0 Comments

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. In a video he posted to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Adam Mosseri said he had seen the success of competitors like TikTok, YouTube and want to move towards entertainment, video, and shopping.

Adam Mosseri says without any hesitation “We are no longer a photo-sharing app”. In research, People say that the main reason to use Instagram is for fun. 

He recently said that the company and Instagram are interested in entertainment and video. Mosseri points out that TikTok and YouTube are Instagram’s “huge” competitors and the app needs to be improved to stay in touch. That’s why people are turning to Instagram for fun. There’s a lot of competition, more work to be done, and we have to embrace it. “That means we need change”.

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In this regard, Mosseri highlighted that the testing is already in progress. This is to provide users more recommendations that may not be directly related to the specific account being monitored. TikTok works with a recommendation algorithm that evaluates videos based on a variety of factors. According to Mosseri, Instagram is following the company when it comes to distributing content, particularly showing its willingness to challenge TikTok and YouTube.

Mosseri says that the last weak early version had already entered the testing, saying that there is a new version of topics recommendations that will let users know more or less what topic they want to see on Instagram.

But beyond that, Instagram's progressive goal goes beyond unifying IGTV, reels, and stories, Mosseri says. From the start, Instagram has tried to focus more on the full-screen video experience, including First Mobile, through the Square Photo Sharing app.

The message posted by Instagram is clear. As Mosseri explained, it is not a “square photo-sharing app” but an open-source entertainment application built of algorithms and video. For now, it is a mystery how Instagram gonna do it and whether popular features will be improved and updated to Instagram like TikTok.